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Tools & Strategies

The world financial markets are a constantly moving and changing network of exchanges. Now more than ever, monitoring and connecting with them requires a unique combination of tools and technologies. At Ferris Capital, we pride ourselves on tip-of-the-spear technologies and best practices including, among others, industry-leading applications like Morningstar® Office, eMoney and MoneyGuidePro®—which help us quickly and completely evaluate, manage and secure your portfolio.

Considering Your Finances From Every Angle

Efficient Frontier Analysis

Where is your portfolio on the ‘risk vs. reward’ scale?

Estate Planning Review

Is your plan really complete—or do you just ‘think’ it’s complete?

Cash Flow Analysis

How can we leverage cash flow to improve your position? Could your portfolio better service your cash flow needs?

Monte Carlo Simulations

Stress test your portfolio against hundreds of scenarios.

Insurance Review

Do you have enough coverage? The right coverage?

Balance Sheet

Is your portfolio aligned with your needs and properly reconciled?

MorningstareMoneyMoney Guide

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