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The Ferris Story

The world financial markets are a constantly moving and changing network of exchanges. Now more than ever, monitoring and connecting with them requires a unique combination of tools and technologies. At Ferris Capital, we pride ourselves on tip-of-the-spear technologies and best practices including, among others, industry-leading applications like Morningstar® Office and eMoney—which help us quickly and completely evaluate, manage and secure your portfolio.


Man On a Mission

Thirteen years ago, Dave realized his appetite for success, his desire to win and his ability to see opportunity where others don’t were demanding he build a new kind of team. His pace was just too fast. The expectations too precise. His interests too varied. The traditional model simply could not keep up.

Engineered to Win

So, he did what he’s always done: he built a new kind of team, purpose-built to support his restless, competitive spirit and the ever-expanding opportunities and challenges it creates. A team as adept at managing generational wealth as it is in applying world-class construction experience to transform undervalued properties. A team as comfortable with succession planning as it is executing complex jewelry sales or coordinating luxury aviation. A team built to run through brick walls if need be. A team that works around the clock. That goes wherever your money goes. Where other financial teams would never, could never, go. Whose expertise is underpinned and grounded by the rigorous investment and wealth management practice that Dave himself started. You could call this team Dave Ferris’ family office. But it’s unlike any family office in the world. You could call us wealth managers.

Welcome to the Family

But what other wealth manager does what we do? This is a team unlike any other. Built of Dave Ferris’ own drive and desire. Built to support his own success. Today, an exclusive community of individuals and families who, like Dave, have outgrown Wall Street, can leverage this expertise in exactly the same way Dave does. Dave Ferris built this team. For himself. And now, for you. Welcome to the family.