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The Ferris Process

The beginning of any relationship is important. It’s a time of learning, sharing and setting expectations. At Ferris Capital, we use a process that’s been carefully refined with countless clients to ensure that our team gets what we need to do the best job for you. From understanding your financial situation to evaluating your investments and tax situation, this process helps to ensure our future effectiveness. And while you may never be aware of it, rest easy knowing that we’re working hard to ensure our relationship starts on the best possible footing.

A Process Aimed at Delivering Results Down The Road

Understanding Your Goals & Financial Situation
You’ll meet with your Ferris team to help us fully understand your goals, time horizon, anticipated cash flows and general inclinations as an investor. We’ll also conduct an in-depth evaluation of your complete financial picture including any/all insurance, wills, trusts and employer benefit options.
Tailoring a Financial Plan To Your Goals
Your Ferris Capital team will work with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan, one that gives you the greatest likelihood of successfully meeting all of your goals. The plan itself includes a goal-driven asset allocation, tax sensitivity, long-term estate planning and an overall risk management strategy.
Ensuring the Proper Accounts & Legal Structures
If applicable, we can direct you to world-class accountants and attorneys, or we can work with your existing partners to formulate and execute the structures and strategies that we believe will best protect you from taxes and liability.
Analysis of Current Investments & Tax Situations
We analyze your current holdings to identify embedded taxable gains and any other issues that should be accounted for in the building of your portfolio. If there are any issues, we will construct the investment portfolio to specifically address those issues and potentially use the existing investment(s) as proxies to our investment model choices.
Initial Portfolio Construction
Using your risk profile (from your financial plan) and a number of considerations based on our analysis of your assets, your team will manage your capital in one of the strategies that best corresponds to your risk level. The strategies are designed using our proprietary market outlook, historical performance (asset class), interviews with fund/investment managers and internal expenses.
Maintenance, Monitoring & Reporting
Ferris Capital constantly monitors market changes as well as changes in your portfolio—all the while keeping you informed of your portfolio’s performance, risk exposure and progress toward your goals via quarterly calls and/or meetings. We always seek ways to address liquidity needs or life changes that could or may be impacting your long-term plan.