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Charitable Organizations

At Ferris Capital, we have the experience and expertise to understand the complexities of managing fiduciary assets while balancing the needs of institutional missions and goals. Our team has experience helping schools, foundations and endowments establish proper guidelines, policies and governance of their assets.

Common Questions

You don’t need to navigate these waters alone.

Ferris Capital’s consultative, comprehensive approach to working with you and understanding your needs can help you craft an investment policy, design a portfolio using Modern Portfolio Theory, select managers and allocations, monitor results, and keep you abreast of the issues affecting your goals. We can also share the best practices of similar entities and attend board meetings. Below is a summary of our non-profit services.

Strategy Development
Mission and goal planning Investment policy statement Investment guidelines Fiduciary governance Gift acceptance parameters Donor development plan Liquidity analysis.

Investment Management
Open investment architecture Fiduciary asset management Portfolio construction Manager analysis and selection Asset class re-balancing Performance reporting Gift transfer assistance.

Review goal progression Review portfolio risk Meet and present to board Provide gift valuations Board Education.

Who Can Help You

David Ferris, ESQ.

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Investment Officer

Matthew Elsenbeck

Executive Vice President – Client Services