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Affiliations & Partners

At Ferris Capital, our investment approach is built around a proven methodology and anchored in client-centered beliefs. It’s an approach that minimizes conflicts of interest and puts our clients' interests ahead of our own. It’s an approach that values simplicity, efficiency, liquidity and asset allocations based on real valuation. An approach that emphasizes long-term risk/return profiles versus investment styles. An approach that measures success, not by absolute returns but, by risk-adjusted returns.

The Company We Keep, The Partners We Trust

Healthy, Stable & Solvent

Both Fidelity and Schwab are healthy, stable and solvent companies. Collectively, the two firms have been in the financial services business for almost 100 years. Both firms have diversified lines of business and healthy, growing revenues. Together, they custody more than five trillion dollars (US) for their customers. 


Members of Regulatory &
Industry Organizations

Like other financial institutions, Fidelity and Schwab are members of various regulatory and industry organizations. These organizations provide a variety of investor protections via governmental and stock exchange regulations as well as insurance provided by the SIPC. In addition, both have supplemental policies to cover excess losses. While none of this insurance protects against declining values in your securities, it does provide protection for the securities themselves.